Monday, October 7, 2013

London double deckers and a few lorries, 2013

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In contrast to many other countries, the UK does not have a statutory limit on the height of vehicles. There is only a recommendation that the height should be limited to 4.95m (16'3"), because new bridges are built with a height of at least 5.03m (16'6"). But even this height is larger than the limits of most other European countries, and so one can see quite high lorries of all kinds on British roads:

A lorry on the A1, 30.8.2013

Another lorry on the A1, 30.8.2013

And a very high one, 30.8.2013

The recommended limit of almost 5m allows the construction of double decker buses with a genuine upper level. If I remember correctly, the most common type of London's double deckers has a height of 4430mm—well below the 5m limit, but still with ample headway for passengers on both decks. Here are a few photos of this famous type of transport:

13 near Tottenham Court Road, 21.8.2013

Rainy weather, 24.8.2013

Rainy weather, 24.8.2013

4 and 25 at St.Paul's, 28.8.2013

25 near St.Paul's, 28.8.2013

Another 25 near St.Paul's, 28.8.2013

220 at Willesden Junction, 28.8.2013

Stratford, 28.8.2013

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