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Epping-Ongar Railway, 2013 - North Weald with a tour on the 4141

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Here we are at North Weald again—4141 has pulled our train back from Ongar:

4141 has arrived at North Weald, 19.8.2013

Having been in North Weald's signal box before, I wandered around the station to get a few shots of signals and other bits and pieces.

When I approached the up loop starter, the diesel engine just pulled in with its train:

2012 arrives from Epping Forest, North Weald, 19.8.2013

Here is the signal again, first its top ...

Up loop starter, North Weald, 19.8.2013

... and then the tension weight at the bottom:

Counterweight at up loop starter, North Weald, 19.8.2013

The following short video shows the—obvious—movements when the signal is cleared so that 4141 can leave its train and move back to the main track:

For flank protection of the main, there is a derail in the loop track at this place:

Derail, North Weald, 19.8.2013

The derail is moved by a electro-hydraulic motor:

Derail hydraulic motor, North Weald, 19.8.2013

Derail hydraulic motor, North Weald, 19.8.2013

Going to the platform on the other side, I took this photo of the large diesel and the ongoing work on the water crane:

D6729 and water crane foundation, North Weald, 19.8.2013

At the shed tracks, a ground frame controls a set of points and two shunt signals. The frame is released from the signal box via lever no.6, which is of course only possible if the points 5a and 5b are in their normal position, i.e., aligned for the main track and providing flank protection for moves there:

Ground frame, North Weald, 19.8.2013

Here is the up bay starter and, below it, the shunt signal controlled from the ground frame:

Up bay starter and shunt signal, North Weald, 19.8.2013

The counterweights are higher up, and two angled cranks deflected the signal wires' movements by 90 degrees:

Counterweights at up bay starter, North Weald, 19.8.2013

Here are the wheels that send the signal wires to their corresponding frames:
  • On top, the wire for the shunt signal goes towards the ground frame.
  • On bottom, the wire for the up bay starter is deflected to the signal box.

Chain wheels for shunt signal and up bay starter, North Weald, 19.8.2013

More signals: The up starters for the loop and the main, ...

Up starters, North Weald, 19.8.2013

... a fog repeater for the down loop starter, ...

Fog repeater of down loop starter, North Weald, 19.8.2013

... and at last the down starters towards Ongar (as one can see, the EOR has quite a mixture of signals: Upper quadrants and colour lights at North Weald, a lower quadrant at Ongar ...):

Down starters, North Weald, 19.8.2013

When I went back to the station, I asked the driver of the 4141 something about its valve gear—which netted me an invitation to a ride on the engine! Here is the engine, waiting for its next turn:

4141 rests at platform 2, North Weald, 19.8.2013

Shortly later, the reversing lever has been moved fully backwards (in the background, two of the green buses of the EOR can be seen):

Reversing lever on 4141, North Weald, 19.8.2013

A short time later, the down starter is cleared by the signalman for the move, ...

Down main starter cleared for 4141, North Weald, 19.8.2013

... and we move out of the station:

4141 shunts at North Weald, 19.8.2013

We run behind the shunt signal and wait for its clearing—I have used the video of this in my first posting. A moment later, we start moving towards our train—and even though we do not move that fast, the leaves outside seem to fly by on this picture:

Engine driver of 4141, North Weald, 19.8.2013

We pass the storage sidings on the east side ...

4141 shunts to its train, North Weald, 19.8.2013

... and rumble over the points into the loop track:

4141 shunts to its train, North Weald, 19.8.2013

The driver brakes the engine with the air brake ...

(Main valve) and brake handle, North Weald, 19.8.2013

... and finally, using a few short jerks of the main steam valve, moves the engine against the coaches:

Driver moves 4141 to train, North Weald, 19.8.2013

And that's it from the EOR—at this point, the battery of my camera was totally depleted, and so I had to stop taking pictures!

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