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Switzerland 1988: Biel RB, signal box 3

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Signal box 3 controlled the points leading into the marshalling tracks of Biel RB. The track plan above the lever frame shows its area of responsibility.

Track plan, signal box 3, Biel RB, 23.8.1988

The signal box controlled 29 sets of single points and five double slip switches, which required 39 levers altogether. In addition, there is a lever for a shunting signal on the far right. Of course, no FPL levers are necessary on this signal box:

Lever frame, signal box 3, Biel RB, 23.8.1988

The two block instruments—which we have already seen in the previous posting—only provide flank protection for some train routes:

Block instruments and route levers, signal box 3, Biel RB, 23.8.1988

Block instruments, signal box 3, Biel RB, 23.8.1988

Here is the small locking bed on the back side of the lever frame. It contains only two route bars, which end about in the middle of the frame, because they only lock a few points and the shunting signal for flank protection:

Lever frame and locking bed, signal box 3, Biel RB, 23.8.1988

Once again, the reason why the signal box exists—the hump, with a group of wagons rolling down:

Marshalling hump, Biel RB, 23.8.1988

Behind double-wire lines, one can see here the signal box, with more wagons behind it rolling down the hump :

Signal box 3, Biel RB, 23.8.1988

And here are my last pictures of Biel RB—a storage yard somewhere "back", with a "Wagon d'arrosage" (a weed spraying wagon?) ...

"Wagon d'arrosage", Biel RB, 23.8.1988

... and a final picture of one of SBB's large six-axle shunting engines:

Am 6/6 18522, Biel RB, 23.8.1988

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