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Switzerland 1988: Electro-mechanical blend at Kreuzlingen

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Here are a few pictures from Kreuzlingen. The next posting will have many more details on this interesting station, explained by Hanspeter Thöni.

At Kreuzlingen, the train director was not as friendly as elsewhere, and therefore I took only one photo at the train bureau:

Command frame, train bureau, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

This "tractor" was shunting at the station:

TeIV 77, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

The signal box still had a mechanical frame, with all the points controlled by mechanical levers—about half of them with double-wire lines, the other half with rodding. The signals, on the other hand, had been converted to light signals, with one exception.

Track panel and points levers, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

The connection to the command frame in the train bureau did not use block instruments, rather standard lever locks were used which locked the corresponding route levers. The routes to be locked and cleared were indicated by small lamps:

Route levers, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

Here are a few points levers. At least the two reversed (downward pointing) levers are connected to their points with rodding:

Points levers, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

Near the route levers, there were these two FPL levers:

FPL levers, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

In my first attempt to take a photo of the signal box, three wagons wanted to pose before and hide it:

Signal box (not really), Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

In the next photo, I could catch the whole box, including all the bells for the four lines leaving Kreuzlingen:

Signal box, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

Unfortunately, the following picture of the points rodding is blurred:

Points rodding, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

And here is a picture of the exception mentioned above—the mechanical shunting signal R1:

Shunting signal R1, Kreuzlingen, 22.8.1988

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